LFS 6.3 ch 5.2 questions

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sun Nov 30 22:40:22 PST 2008

Stealth wrote:
> Is there anything on this page (book 6.3 ch 5.2) that needs to be 
> done before going to 5.3 to follow the binutils build instructions?

As it says at the beginning of that page, it's just a summary of how 
everything in the rest of the book will be done, and something that 
you're just meant to read. I believe it is already pretty clear about 
the fact that it is just general info, explaining the details about how 
the book works...

"It is not essential to immediately understand everything in this 
section. Most of this information will be clearer after performing an 
actual build. This section can be referred back to at any time during 
the process."

Any suggestions for improvement on this text?

> This goes back to the confusion I have talked about before in other 
> posts to this list. I cannot tell if I am actually supposed to do 
> anything with any of this information before I go to 5.3.
> If this is just information and there are no instructions that need 
> to be done before going to the next pages, then this information 
> should be moved so that the appropriate sections are found with the 
> build process they are talking about. It would be a lot less 
> confusing.

The build process discussed on that page is the general build process 
for the entire book, so right before the actual build starts is about 
the best place for it to go.

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