LFS 6.3 chpt 5.7 step cmd problem

Stealth genericmaillists at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 20:46:00 PST 2008

On Sunday 30 November 2008 07:57:28 pm DJ Lucas wrote:
> Stealth wrote:
> > I am following the book as it is written. The only exception
> > was I used kernel .
> This is not good, though not likely the cause of the problem you
> are seeing.  You should be using The latest 2.6.22.x
> should be safe as far as kernel headers and udev are concerned. 
> I forget what the kernel requirement for the next problematic
> udev was (dont' even remember what udev version it was), but it
> would *probably* be safe up until that version.  Fuzzy
> comes to mind for some reason, but if you don't need features
> from that version to be known in glibc (you likely do not), then
> use the version to build the system.  You can upgrade
> the kernel after the fact.
> > I am either reading the book incorrectly or I am finding flaws
> > in the flow of the material in the book. I am not saying the
> > people writting the book don't know what they are doing. I am
> > saying the people writting the book probably know this stuff so
> > well they accidentally leave stuff out or get things out of
> > sync just enough to cause problems for people like me who are
> > depending on the book to guide me.
> No.  I never meant to imply that there was _missing _information,
> 'out of sync' information, or missing instructions.  All the
> needed information _is_ there, like the example you showed the
> other day, some of it could probably be presented better to
> assist people who are unfamiliar with the build process.  If
> there were any missing information, devs would be having a heck
> of a time, as even automated, we build by extracting the book's
> commands verbatim.
> -- DJ Lucas

Sorry, DJ I was not thinking you said there was information missing. 
Also as I said earlier I don't think you guys are doing anything 
wrong. I do think it would be easier if there were some brief 
simple examples in some places. It would also help if there were 
some location references as to where one should be and when and 
where one needs to CD to another directory. I will give more exact 
examples after I go through this whole process. I also understand 
one needs to think about what one is doing and what is happening. 
When some one is in a learning stage it is a lot easier if a 
clearer road map is put in front of them with some explanation as 
to how, why, what, when and where. Now there is some of that 
already in places, but there could be more. Please understand I am 
not complaining just making observation. I really do want to help, 
but I am not experienced enough yet to help with this, but I will 
be. I don't want to tick off you or any one else who is experienced 
and can help. I am glad this is available. Most of the time it is 
difficult to find this much information unless you go buy a 
training manual.

You are correct that there is information in ch 3 about some things 
that happen in ch 5. It would also be helpful if the information in 
5.2 was separated and placed at the beginning of the steps that are 
talked about and don't actually start until several sections later.

Since I apparently made a big mistake with location of certain 
things during the build I am going to delete all the source and 
build data off the drive and copy the source files back to the 
drive and build all over again. I am going to go through the steps 
dealing setting up the user and environment again. I am also going 
to write down a lot more notes than before.

Again I apologies for any miss understanding and I thank you all for 
the great work that you have made available.


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