Question on 6.60 (Stripping Again)

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Nov 30 14:06:00 PST 2008

Scott wrote:
> Wow, I can't believe I've made it this far without disaster!
> Just a question here: The book (6.4-rc1) warns to ensure that none of
> the programs to be stripped are running, and suggests re-chrooting "if
> unsure whether chroot was properly entered". However, I recall that in
> the bash chapter we were specifically told to fire up the newly-minted
> bash, so it is running! Shouldn't this say to absolutely re-chroot?
> Anyway, that's what I did.

Hmm...strange.  I have no idea.  Have to look back into history a bit.

> Second question: Now that I am almost there, was it stupid of a newbie
> to do this with an rc? What perils lurk for me and will I be doing
> this whole thing over again soon?
>'ll probably be treading water for a bit.  BLFS is nowhere near 
ready for LFS-6.4, though we are getting there.  Create a Track account 
and follow along with the bugs there, and be very conscious of any 
configure output for missing deps.  That said, your build should be 
LFS-6.4 Final minus a couple of locales for test suite coverage IIRC.

Good luck, and congrats!

-- DJ Lucas

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