LiveCD LFS book 6.3 chapter 5 questions

Ralph Porter rportermail at
Fri Nov 28 06:55:08 PST 2008

 From the "What its worth department"

DJ captured the issue.  I had the exact same experience.

I came into LFS following the instructions verbatim.  Rough time the  
first 2 or three times through.

But like he says, once you get your arms around the style of how its  
written, it makes sense.

I also think, that because its NOT written keystroke for keystroke  
your forced to think about things.

Help is not very far away.

my .02

On Nov 27, 2008, at 11:23 PM, DJ Lucas wrote:

> Stealth wrote:
>> It sure would help if this chapter was made a lot more clear by
>> adding some more information.
>> At some point in the future after I know what I am doing with
>> building my own OS from the book I will be glad to help make the
>> confusing steps easier to see and understand.
> Absolutely. Though I'm not so sure about _more_ information.  AFAICT,
> all of what was discussed is there, albeit poorly ordered as the  
> answer
> to the two questions you asked, which are directly related, happen  
> to be
> two chapters apart (3.1, 3rd paragraph; and 5.1, 2nd 'Important' box).
> After several years of building LFS, this stuff is kind of second
> nature...the finer details can easily get lost without a new set of  
> eyes
> on it.  When you get your head wrapped around it and get a few  
> packages
> in, if you would like to suggest updated text, we would very much
> appreciate it.
> -- DJ Lucas
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