LiveCD LFS book 6.3 chapter 5 questions

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Nov 27 21:23:41 PST 2008

Stealth wrote:

> It sure would help if this chapter was made a lot more clear by 
> adding some more information.
> At some point in the future after I know what I am doing with 
> building my own OS from the book I will be glad to help make the 
> confusing steps easier to see and understand.

Absolutely. Though I'm not so sure about _more_ information.  AFAICT, 
all of what was discussed is there, albeit poorly ordered as the answer 
to the two questions you asked, which are directly related, happen to be 
two chapters apart (3.1, 3rd paragraph; and 5.1, 2nd 'Important' box). 
After several years of building LFS, this stuff is kind of second 
nature...the finer details can easily get lost without a new set of eyes 
on it.  When you get your head wrapped around it and get a few packages 
in, if you would like to suggest updated text, we would very much 
appreciate it.

-- DJ Lucas

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