LiveCD LFS book 6.3 chapter 5 questions

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Thu Nov 27 19:32:16 PST 2008

On Thursday 27 November 2008 09:29:10 pm DJ Lucas wrote:
> Good luck and most importantly, as frustrating as it can be
> getting started, have fun.  It's all worth it when you see it
> boot *your* LFS the first time.
> -- DJ Lucas

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the help.
As Jeremy has pointed out I am using 6.3. I have not found any 6.4 
downloads on the mirrors in the US. I do have the 6.4 book to 
compare the two books in their instruction.

I have the binutils extracted.

Where should I have extracted the binutils file? I have pointed out 
my confusion below.

The problem I am having is the steps in chapter 5 are not real clear 
or obvious. I can't always tell if what I am reading is instruction 
or information or a mix of both without something to make it clear 
what is the next step from the previous one. Another way to say 
this is: What I am reading now, is it something I am supposed to be 
doing, if so where? I did not have this trouble until I got to 
chapter 5. The first 4 chapters were not confusing.

In book 6.3 ch 5.1


Before issuing the build instructions for a package, the package 
should be unpacked as user lfs, and a cd into the created directory 
should be performed. The build instructions assume that the bash 
shell is in use.

I created $LFS/sources on the hard disk earlier in the book and 
copied all the source files from the LiveCD to the hard disk.

The instructions don't say where to extract the binutils file. But 
in 5.3.1 it says to create:

mkdir -v ../binutils-build
cd ../binutils-build

Where exactly was I supposed to be when I was supposed to do this 

5.2 probably has a lot more instruction but it is not clear and is 
very confusing to follow.

The same information (word for word with one sentence changed and a 
bit of new infomation) is found in almost the same place in book 
6.4 and is just as confusing.

The information in book 6.3 and 6.4 through the first 3 or 4 
sections of chapter 5 seem to be leaving some necessary information 
out. This forces the reader to figure out what is messed up with 
the information and then try to put together the correct steps in 
the correct order to do what is supposed to be done.

It sure would help if this chapter was made a lot more clear by 
adding some more information.

At some point in the future after I know what I am doing with 
building my own OS from the book I will be glad to help make the 
confusing steps easier to see and understand. I use to teach 3D CAD 
software to machine designers and engineers. I had to write my own 
class instructions and exercises.


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