LiveCD LFS book 6.3 chapter 5 questions

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Nov 27 18:29:10 PST 2008

Stealth wrote:

> I have read the book from start to chapter 5.3.1 about 6 or 7 times 
> trying to figure out what I missed. I don't see anything unless 5.1 
> and 5.2 actually have steps that I am supposed to do. 


> When I do this in chapter 5.3.1
> mkdir -v ../binutils-build
> cd ../binutils-build
> I get this error:
> mkdir: cannot create directory '../binutils-build': Permission 
> denied

First and foremost; Welcome to LFS! But, you missed a step.  See:

The second important box tells you to extract the tarball and enter the 
newly created directory before executing any of the book commands.

Good luck and most importantly, as frustrating as it can be getting 
started, have fun.  It's all worth it when you see it boot *your* LFS 
the first time.

-- DJ Lucas

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