A Suggestion For A Simple Package Manager

Frank Peters frank.peters at comcast.net
Wed Nov 19 08:11:29 PST 2008

Hello LFS users,

The easy management of installed software packages is always
an important concern.  After compiling, the "make install" command
does not help the user at all in knowing where the installed files
are located.  The major Linux distributions have invented many types
of package management schemes but most of those are very complex.
The LFS user may find the following much simpler package manager,
called treeutils, to be very useful:


Treeutils does not use any database and it depends only on bash
and a few other basic utilities.  The usage is simple.  After
compiling, a DESTDIR is specified:

make DESTDIR=/tmp-dir install

Then, from the DESTDIR directory, treeutils is invoked:

insttree package-name

This command will install all the files under the DESTDIR directory
and also creates a text file as a permanent record of the installation.
To see what is installed and where it is installed, the user just opens
the record file in any text editor.  Since all the record files
are kept in the same directory, a listing of this directly will
neatly show every package that exists on a particular system.

To remove a package, just issue the command:

removetree package-name

I use treeutils for every package on my system and I can
quickly know everything about every installed file.

With a bit of practice, using treeutils as part of the
"configure && make && make install" becomes very natural.

Also, because treeutils is a collection  of bash scripts,
they each can be easily modified or customized to, for example,
change the installation directories, etc.

It is worth checking out.


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