Question @ 10,000 feet

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 19 05:24:55 PST 2008

Alan Lord wrote:

> Oh I see. I never intended my post to suggest subsequent copying of 
> files that way. Sorry if I badly worded the OP.
> The way I have used it [DESTDIR] is purely to allow easy inspection of 
> the files the install process creates. If I am happy with what it does, 
> then I simply go back to the package's build directory and run "make 
> install" without the DESTDIR variable...

That is an effective use of DESTDIR.  However, what I was getting at is 
that most distros use DESTDIR for packaging. Any updates are done as 
part of a group of post-install tasks, which will force you to look at 
the makefile to see what was supposed to have been done.  This really 
isn't the case after you've done it a few times, most of the time you 
can look at the DESTDIR and see what needs to be done, but until you 
learn to recognize the obvious items, this practice will force you to 
learn how the makefiles work too, and so, DESTDIR is a very good 
suggestion for exercise.

-- DJ Lucas

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