Question @ 10,000 feet

Alan Lord alanslists at
Wed Nov 19 02:52:05 PST 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:
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> /usr/share/info/dir is most common, until you get past X, and get into 
> gconf, desktop file utils, etc.  But yes, make install *can* and does 
> modify existing files.  Simply copying from the DESTDIR to the final 
> destination will result in a broken system (though it's probably not 
> that difficult to recover if you keep good backups or logs).

Oh I see. I never intended my post to suggest subsequent copying of 
files that way. Sorry if I badly worded the OP.

The way I have used it [DESTDIR] is purely to allow easy inspection of 
the files the install process creates. If I am happy with what it does, 
then I simply go back to the package's build directory and run "make 
install" without the DESTDIR variable...


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