Question @ 10,000 feet

Alan Lord alanslists at
Wed Nov 19 01:24:01 PST 2008

DJ Lucas wrote:
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> The disadvantage is that if you move from the DESTDIR, you have to be 
> aware of things like the info dir, gconf updates, .desktop or icon 
> additions, etc.  Pretty much any update to an existing file will have to 
> recreated manually.  In the end, this is probably much better for 
> learning exactly what is going on, and this is also how the big distros 
> do it.

That's interesting. Do you mean that DESTDIR actually affects the 
contents of some files when you run "make DESTDIR=/my_path install"?

I always assumed, perhaps wrongly, that it merely changed the 
destination path for the "root" of the install process, but kept in tact 
the paths of --prefix and other switches that were applied during the 

Or did I misunderstand your comment completely?

It is early after all ;-)


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