Question @ 10,000 feet

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 19 00:56:38 PST 2008

Alexander Haley wrote:

> Basically, the fundamental thing that bugs me is ... I type 'make
> install' and scads of files arrive on the file system ... and I really
> don't quite know their role, purpose or importance ... Do I really
> need to know the purpose of each and every library file that is
> installed? Probably not .. but, I am irked that I'm typing 'make
> install' and just crossing my fingers that the system is getting it
> right .... (of course the system often gets it right .. but does it
> teach me? no. or at least, not yet.)

This is different than the original question.  For this particular part, 
at least IMO, it's easier to look at it backwards.  Take a log of 
installed files, and look at them.  Some names will be self explanatory, 
while other will have absolutely nothing to do with their functions, or 
rather too simplified to deduce what its function is.  From there, you 
have a makefile to look at to see how that file was assembled, and then 
the source code of the individual parts that went together to make that 

-- DJ Lucas

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