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Tue Nov 18 11:36:15 PST 2008

On Tuesday 18 November 2008 12:46:20 pm Alexander Haley wrote:
> Thanks for the responses - I'm still chewing on them to see what
> I understand or misunderstand. The bigger context of my questions
> was:
>   "So, I'm doing LFS for the second time .. and this time I
> thought 'GNU Stow, awesome! I'll make it sit up and do tricks for
> me' ... however during Chapter 6 .. when gcc behaved differently
> depending on whether its installation tooldir was /usr or
> /usr/stow ... well then I started making concessions and fudging
> things ... and I felt as though my understanding of things went
> south. Thats when I started questioning what my actual toolchain
> understanding was in the first place .. and realized I didn't
> know much about how these pieces fit together in a practical
> sense"
> What is to stop me from telling glibc to install itself into
> /usr/weird/path/foo and gcc into /bar/zap/ .. and then somehow
> configuring them to understand their relationship? Is that even
> feasible? Would doing this somehow create a deeper understanding
> (for me) of how gcc and glibc fit together?
> Time will tell.
> Basically, the fundamental thing that bugs me is ... I type 'make
> install' and scads of files arrive on the file system ... and I
> really don't quite know their role, purpose or importance ... Do
> I really need to know the purpose of each and every library file
> that is installed? Probably not .. but, I am irked that I'm
> typing 'make install' and just crossing my fingers that the
> system is getting it right .... (of course the system often gets
> it right .. but does it teach me? no. or at least, not yet.)
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 3:47 PM, Alexander Haley 
<ahaley at> wrote:
> > I'm having a hard time conceptualizing how the tool chain
> > becomes broken during an upgrade (of any piece of the tool
> > chain) ... so I wonder if I might write my 10,000 foot big
> > picture view of 'how this all works' and you folks can
> > contribute to my understanding ...

Have a look at these


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