xorg build

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 9 16:28:56 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 05:09:06PM -0600, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> I assume from your comments above that you use something akin to 
>> install-log.
>  I don't think I do - for system builds I just touch a file, do the
> install, then find what is newer than the file (I don't ever
> automate uninstalling, so when files like /etc/ntp.drift show up, I
> don't really care.  

Yes you do actually.  This is almost exactly what old install-log does, 
though it excludes directories in the find command so that you don't 
have the other problem.  I'm not sure if newer variants do the same 
however.  :-)

-- DJ Lucas

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