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DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 9 14:17:55 PST 2008

Ralph Porter wrote:
> I just finished LFS, so, now what next?
> I think I want KDE and firefox next.  But what should really come  
> next?  I'm using this as learning tool, so working in command mode  
> seems to lengthen that process.
> On the subject of package managers.  Do I want to go there now, later  
> or what?

What comes next depends on your requirements.  You'll have to pick a 
path and follow the dependencies.  Tough advice I know, but that is the 
way the distros have to do it too.  I take it this is your first build. 
  I generally pick logical stop points, and make those the individual 
goals.  Personally, I start with a text based browser (links) and GPM 
(console mouse software) so that you can copy and paste commands (add a 
dhcp client if you cannot configure a static IP).  Next is X, then the 
Firefox stack, then all of Gnome...etc.

As far as a PM, FBBG (Folow Book, Book Good) is an old term around here, 
but definitely has it merits.  You definitely do not want a package 
manager yet as it makes things insanely more difficult.  After you get a 
good feel for BLFS, although technically too late, you can then 
introduce a PM (so that you know where to look, and more importantly, 
how to troubleshoot _when_ it fouls up).  LFS-7.0 will add some bits for 
PM from the get go, however, the recommendation I think, will still be 
to build without a PM for the first time.

Good luck and have fun.

-- DJ Lucas

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