5.3.1. Installation of Binutils

Peter Dickinson peter at iologic.co.uk
Sat Nov 8 05:03:19 PST 2008

I think the problem might be that you are using the incorrect working 
directory. You are in /mnt/lfs when you should be in 

The lfs user doesn't have full permissions in /mnt/lfs because that 
directory is owned by root. So the error message is caused by the fact 
that you (as lfs) are trying to create a new subdirectory under a 
directory that lfs doesn't have write permission in.

But I think the real problem is that you need to untar the binutils 
archive into the /mnt/lfs/sources directory. In section 4.3 you'll have 
issued the command:

chown -v lfs $LFS/sources

This command makes the lfs user the owner of /mnt/lfs/sources and allows 
you to create subdirectories under it as the lfs user.

If you copy the binutils-2.17.tar.bz2 file into $LFS/sources and then 
untar it there, it will create the binutils-2.17 directory under 
/mnt/lfs/sources. Then cd into the new directory, and try issuing the 
commands again. That worked for me.

Section 5.1 of the book has a couple of boxes marked "important" that 
relate to this process.

Adrian Fisher wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying my hand at creating my own LFS installation but seem to have 
> stumbled across a problem.  When I type in:
> 	mkdir -v ../binutils-build
> 	cd ../binutils-build
> as directed by the manual I am told
>     mkdir: cannot create directory './binutils-build': Permission denied
>     lfs:/mnt/lfs$
> I realise the second line of this message shows the user I am logged in 
> as and the current working directory but don't know why I cannot create 
> the directory as I have followed everything to the letter up to this point.
> What must I do to resolve this?
> Thanks in advance,
> A.

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