Bash Shell Startup Files..

Rob Thornton rob_t at
Mon Nov 3 15:59:06 PST 2008

LANG= <ll>_<CC>.<charmap><@modifiers>

ll = language (ie. en for english)
CC=country (ie. CA for Canada)
charmap=character map (ie. iso88591)
@modifiers=modifiers( ie. @euro if you need it, omit if you don't)

So, as example:

de_DE.iso885915 at euro


Ralph Porter wote:
> Folks,
> I read and re-read the instructions in 7.9 and I'm lost.
> I understand ll=en
> beyond that, im lost.
> export LANG=<ll>_<CC>.<charmap><@modifiers>
> Just need good old US english with maybe a republican modifier (joke)
> thanks in advance
> rp

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