lfs 6.3-Problem installing Ncurses-5.6‏ SOLVED

giuseppe marchi joshua777 at live.it
Sat Nov 1 16:31:40 PDT 2008

finally i compiled and installed Ncurses.I followed what found at this link:


Shortly the problem was caused at line 114 of the script "ncurses installation dir"/misc/ru_tic.sh 

   if ( $SHLIB tic$suffix -x -s -o $TERMINFO $source )

The $SHLIB point to a wrapper script shlib that affect in some way how the linker use libraries.
Avoiding to call that script i.e change the line in 

    if ( tic$suffix -x -s -o $TERMINFO $source ) 

made the installation process complete successfully.
I'd like to investigate this problem in more detail.
any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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