LFS 6.3 - Chapter 8.4 - Cannot install grub

Perumal, Muralitharan (IE10) Muralitharan.Perumal at Honeywell.com
Wed Jun 18 23:39:05 PDT 2008

Hi Rafael,

Please check the following things:

1. Check how many hard drives you have? 
2. Is it PATA or SATA drive? SATA drives would be detected as
sda1,sda2... sdaN (first drive), sdb1, sdb2....sdbN (second drive) and
so on..
3. Check /dev to see the partitions and devices detected by your host.
(use df or mount command as well)
4. check the partition where your LFS sits i.e., if you have one hard
drive and /mnt/lfs is in your 2nd partition, you should mention "root
(hd0,1)" or try typing tab after root (hd0, it will show you the
available partitions.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

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The kernel was installed and chapter 8.4 was reached.
After entering grub and issuing the root command -identifying the disk
and partition where /boot is located as said in the book- this is is
what I get:

grub> root (hd0,0)
Error 21: Selected disk does not exist

Actually, as long as I'm still within chroot, I cannot understand how
to "see" a disk and its partitions and/or how is grub going to "see"
the same.
Just in case you wonder about it, my box has only one hard disk with
three partitions: / is mounted on hda1 (hd0,0), swap on hda2 (hd0,1)
and /home on hda3 (hd0,2) (yes, of course, as seen from outside
chroot, which is LFS LiveCD).
Please advise how to get out from this hole.
Thank you !! - Rafael
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