Connecting to the Internet

Michael msd4824 at
Wed Jun 11 08:18:50 PDT 2008

> /etc/resolv.conf is to store your name servers for dns resolution rather 
> than your IP, but I think this can be ignored as your wireless router is 
> likely to be a dhcp server and a dns relay too, in which case dhcp would 
> update resolv.conf anyway (unless configured not to do so).
> 2 main questions I guess, do we have a device for the wlan card at all?  
> You mention other distro's using ndiswrapper, but I'm not sure if you 
> have tried it on lfs yet, or attempted to build  a driver into the 
> kernel.  If neither, have a look at whether there are any native linux 
> drivers for your device, and if not grab a copy of ndiswrapper, I also 
> recommend downloading dhcpcd to manage your connection setup.  I guess 
> the other issue could be wireless security?  I don't use wireless so 
> I've no idea how this goes on linux, if everything else looks good you 
> could try switching to open mode for a few mins as a test.
> Hope something in there is of some use.
> Regards
> Phill Upson

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by device, but my card is an Encore ENUWI-G.

Well, after sending out this email, I tried installing NDISWrappers.  According to their FAQ on their website, they also recommend installing Wireless Tools for Linux.  I ran iwconfig, and heres what was shown:
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.

ipddp0    no wireless extensions.

tunl0     no wireless extensions.

gre0      no wireless extensions.

sit0      no wireless extensions.

ip6tnl0   no wireless extensions.

wlan0 isn't even listed, so to me it appears it can't be found.

Thanks for the help!

> Michael wrote:
> > Today, I finished the LFS book, and booted into my first linux install that I 
> compiled myself!
> >
> > Since I want to go deeper, and make it a full pledged desktop environment, I 
> headed over to the BLFS book.  I know it sounds like I'm on the wrong mailing 
> list, but stick with me.
> >
> > I get to a part where I have to get a patch off of the internet.  I installed 
> wget, and when I went to download the patch, I realized that I wasn't connected 
> to the internet.
> >
> > So, after checking through everything, I believe I set up the network card 
> properly, according to the LFS book.  My wireless USB card is an Encore 
> ENUWI-ZDPR.  It's a cheap little thing, but it works fine on a pre-compiled 
> distro.
> >
> > Anyways, on boot, I noticed it said something about the interface for wlan0 
> doesn't exist.  (I know wlan sounds like the LAN port, but it is indeed the 
> wireless device.)
> >
> > On other distro's, I have to set it up using NDIS Wrappers.  I'm not sure how 
> much that matters, but I figured it couldn't hurt to volunteer that information.
> >
> > So basically, even though I need the internet connection for BLFS, I messed up 
> setting it up in LFS, thus the reason I choose this mailing list instead.
> >
> > Sadly, hardwiring isn't a solution, as the router is simply too far away from 
> the computer.
> >
> > Thanks for the help!
> >
> > Also, before I forget.  For /etc/resolv.conf file, what do I put in the domain 
> line?  Would that be the IP I show the world, or what would it be?
> >
> >
> >      
> >  


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