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Tue Jun 10 01:36:33 PDT 2008

/etc/resolv.conf is to store your name servers for dns resolution rather 
than your IP, but I think this can be ignored as your wireless router is 
likely to be a dhcp server and a dns relay too, in which case dhcp would 
update resolv.conf anyway (unless configured not to do so).

2 main questions I guess, do we have a device for the wlan card at all?  
You mention other distro's using ndiswrapper, but I'm not sure if you 
have tried it on lfs yet, or attempted to build  a driver into the 
kernel.  If neither, have a look at whether there are any native linux 
drivers for your device, and if not grab a copy of ndiswrapper, I also 
recommend downloading dhcpcd to manage your connection setup.  I guess 
the other issue could be wireless security?  I don't use wireless so 
I've no idea how this goes on linux, if everything else looks good you 
could try switching to open mode for a few mins as a test.

Hope something in there is of some use.


Phill Upson

Michael wrote:
> Today, I finished the LFS book, and booted into my first linux install that I compiled myself!
> Since I want to go deeper, and make it a full pledged desktop environment, I headed over to the BLFS book.  I know it sounds like I'm on the wrong mailing list, but stick with me.
> I get to a part where I have to get a patch off of the internet.  I installed wget, and when I went to download the patch, I realized that I wasn't connected to the internet.
> So, after checking through everything, I believe I set up the network card properly, according to the LFS book.  My wireless USB card is an Encore ENUWI-ZDPR.  It's a cheap little thing, but it works fine on a pre-compiled distro.
> Anyways, on boot, I noticed it said something about the interface for wlan0 doesn't exist.  (I know wlan sounds like the LAN port, but it is indeed the wireless device.)
> On other distro's, I have to set it up using NDIS Wrappers.  I'm not sure how much that matters, but I figured it couldn't hurt to volunteer that information.
> So basically, even though I need the internet connection for BLFS, I messed up setting it up in LFS, thus the reason I choose this mailing list instead.
> Sadly, hardwiring isn't a solution, as the router is simply too far away from the computer.
> Thanks for the help!
> Also, before I forget.  For /etc/resolv.conf file, what do I put in the domain line?  Would that be the IP I show the world, or what would it be?

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