Compile error after final Re-adjusting the Toolchain

Chris Staub chris at
Sun Jul 13 21:39:23 PDT 2008

Tarsier wrote:
>>  The big problem here is the gcc version Tarsier is using -
>> it doesn't match what's in the book.  I know people
>> are using the
>> 4.3 series, but I don't know what changes they've
>> had to make.
>>  Trying newer versions, after one is familiar with the
>> build process,
>> is not a bad thing.  However, expecting to use a new
>> version of gcc
>> (rather than a new point release) without the instructions
>> changing,
>> is "optimistic".  And asking for help without
>> mentioning the
>> variation(s) one has made doesn't help anybody.
> I'm experienced with LFS building. I'm trying as per LFS version SVN-20080711. No instruction were changed for compiler building.
> Tarsier
That can't be. Using GCC 4.3 with dev LFS simply isn't possible without 
somehow deviating from the current instructions. For starters, 4.3 
requires GMP and MPFR, which are NOT installed anywhere in LFS...

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