Kernel panic... Unable to mount root fs

Christian Gardner christian_gardner at
Tue Jul 1 13:52:12 PDT 2008

> Just the controller is what we need. For libata, this corresponds to
> CONFIG_ATA_PIIX. Even on 2.6.22, I think you'll want the libata SATA
> support. I've been using ata_piix on two Intel systems with
> linux-2.6.22 for a while and haven't seen any issues.
> I think that setting with the ones above for libata should take care
> of it. Bear in mind that those are just the minimal settings for
> compiled in root drivers. If you start using libata, you'll probably
> want the other SCSI device support types like CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR for
> cdroms. Just like your hard disk, though, there's are equivalent
> drivers for libata and IDE that you can choose. I've personally been
> using libata for everything, but the PATA support in IDE is much more
> mature.
> --
> Dan

Yay, it worked!! Well, nearly... it got stuck a bit further down the line but I figured out what was wrong. It managed now to detect the hard disk but called it hda, where my menu.lst and fstab files referred to sda. So I changed those and then it got all the way to the bash prompt.

I presume that's because I enabled the IDE options? So if I just enable the libata options but not the IDE ones, I guess it will refer to the drive as sda. Would that be better? Does it impact performance?

Thanks very much for getting me to the bash shell anyway!


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