compilation error for inetutils-1.5 in LFS-6.3

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Jan 31 10:02:27 PST 2008

Justin O'Neil wrote:
> By the way, I'm running these commands from a booted LFS system
> (not chroot), and everything seems to be alright. All those outputs
> seem to make sense, I remember doing the first one after installing
> the final GCC, and I think it was alright then too. I've already
> gotten rid of the /tools directory (it's in a tarball)

If you mean you're running those commands from a different system, not 
from the one that's having the problem, then those results mean nothing. 
Unless I'm misreading you and you mean that you have completed building 
that system and have booted it...

> I really do appreciate all everyone is doing to help me, does the
> problem I had mean that my LFS will have problems in the future?
> Thank You,
> Justin

That depends on what you did - did you take the suggestion to manually 
add to LDFLAGS? If so, and if it wouldn't work otherwise, then yes, 
there is definitely something wrong with your system. Unfortunately the 
person who suggested that apparently emailed you personally rather than 
mailing the list, so I don't know else they might have told you - all I 
know is that adding to LDFLAGS is not a solution. There is one other 
possibility - what do you see with "ls -l /usr/lib/libncurses*"?

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