Success...sort of

Mark Olbert molbert at
Sat Jan 26 18:55:22 PST 2008

Ken's comments on this thread about my udev setup being badly messed up (and perhaps my system being totally hosed) prompted me to do something a little unusual:

I copied all of the udev binaries over from my working slackware partition to the non-functional LFS partition. I then copied over the entire slackware /etc/udev path to the LFS partition (making sure to make backups in each case, of course).

Believe it or not, this worked, in that the LFS system was able to boot (several times) completely through to a login prompt. Nor did I have to manually create console and null devices in the udev startup script.

I did have to disable a slackware rule involving floppies, but that's a small price to pay.

So now I'll let the sucker crank for a while and see if it breaks. If it doesn't, the next step is to...immediately begin construction of a more up-to-date LFS system :).

Thanks to everyone who provided help and advice here!

- Mark

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