GCC configure --disable-multilib

zonabre at gmail.com zonabre at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 19:31:19 PST 2008

The machine I'm using for both the creation and final destination of
an LFS build is an old Pentium (i586).

I noticed that when I started the first pass of gcc in chapter 5.4, I
saw the wold "athlon" very often.  Presumably this is a reference to
the AMD Athlon processor.  I don't plan on using this machine to
compile for any other machine, thus I question the relevance of all
these "athlon" references seen during the bootstrap.  Would invoking
the gcc configure option "--disable-multilib" reduce the bootstrap
process to only the files related to a pentium cpu, or am I so
confused, that this suggestion is ridiculous?  Thanks.

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