Grub, scsi drive, and virtual machine

dave dave.mehler at
Thu Aug 28 16:58:27 PDT 2008

	This is my first time building an lfs system, just getting to this
point I've learned a lot. I'm running this build/install under vmware. The
virtual machine running is a ubuntu 8.04 system, and I've installed a
virtual scsi drive to be for lfs. Everything has gone fine, I hope, up to
the point where I make the drive bootable with grub. I'm trying root (sd0,1)
and getting an error 23, this drive will be the first scsi drive in the new
vm I'm going to make for it and the / partition is the second one, swap is
the first. I'm not certain if I'm dealing with a grub/naming issue, lfs
problem, or an issue with vmware and scsi drives.
Any information I'd appreciate.

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