Confusion re: separate gcc-build directory

Theron Stanford shixilun at
Tue Aug 26 20:34:55 PDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 6:36 PM,  <cda at> wrote:
> I am using the html version of Linux From Scratch Version 6.3.
> I have completed all steps up to and including application of the specs
> patch in section "5.11. GCC-4.1.2 - Pass 2, 5.11.1. Re-installation of
> GCC".
> HOWEVER, the following instructions have me confused:
>>> Create a separate build directory again:
>>> mkdir -v ../gcc-build
>>> cd ../gcc-build
> What is the meaning of create "AGAIN"?  The separate "gcc-build" directory
> I created in section "5.4. GCC-4.1.2 - Pass 1" still exists and is still
> populated with files and directories.  Am I supposed to delete the
> contents and start over with an empty "gcc-build" directory in the same
> location?

Yes, delete it and start over.  (I was confused at first, too.)


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