Glibc cannot find -lstdc++

satish patel satish at
Tue Aug 26 12:56:47 PDT 2008

Man I can understand but I got lost of error yesterday and I have changed my
Host OS ubuntu to CentOS 4.6 now I got only one error with is -lstdcc++ file
I have find on google but there is not solution on it..even LFS mailing list
there is not solution now what I do..

I am sorry for Top-posting kindly continue this posting. 

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satish patel wrote:
> I have completed GCC Installation but what about c++ it is not in LFS
> I am doing this step from LFS book ...step by step.

I suppose you didn't understand the message Ken was trying to
get across to you about top-posting. Yes, it was sarcastic,
but then it was supposed to be.

You may be able to get better support on this list if you
were to stop top-posting. Many people (including me depending
on my mood), completely dismiss top-posted questions.

Just something you may want to think about. If you're wondering
what I'm talking about, see Ken's latest post in the "lfs
installation issue" thread.

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