Udev - device population error during boot

Mikołaj "D1SoveR" Banasik d1sover at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 05:00:58 PDT 2008

First of all, thank you for helping me with broken ncurses
installation. Using first of the provided solutions helped me
completely. But now I have somewhat different issue with my LFS
system. I've managed to get all to way to the end of the book, but
unfortunately, I'm having some trouble getting kernel to work. I'm
getting following error message:

Unable to create devices without a SysFS filesystem.

I've tried searching for it and even managed to find something on LFS
mailing list, but I think my problem is quite different. It doesn't
have any problems mounting partitions, as I can see messages about
root filesystem successfully mounted (although as readonly, that might
be the source of the problem) and, after the "INIT: Version 2.86
booting", I can see the info about "Mounting kernel-based filesystem:
/proc /sys     [ OK ]", but when it gets to "Populating /dev with
device nodes", I get "grep: /proc/mounts: Invalid Parameter" and error
message about absent SysFS filesystem.
I'd be very thankful for all the support you can provide me with.

With best regards
Mikolaj "D1SoveR" Banasik

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