Q: executables in /lib/udev , is this correct?

Valter Douglas Lisbôa Jr. douglas at trenix.com.br
Fri Aug 22 11:31:36 PDT 2008

Em Thursday 21 August 2008 14:51:12 Jeremy Henty escreveu:
> I just noticed  that both my LFS 6.1 and  6.3 systems installed useful
> executables such as  vol_id into /lib/udev rather than  anywhere in my
> $PATH .  This seems inappropriate, perhaps it should be changed?
> Regards,
> Jeremy Henty

This executables is not need to be in the PATH, they are called by udev tools 
in background. They Follow the /usr/lib/<program>/* idea to separate 
libraries, backstage daemons, whatever from system aplications runned in 
terminals, but it is put in /lib because the /usr may not be mounted on 
earlies stages of system boot. 

KBD has the same approach, and personaly, I put the iptables modules there too 
(my Firewall starts very early :-) )

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