Failure to boot

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Wed Aug 13 17:23:03 PDT 2008

> Changing sda->hda in menu.lst an fstab allows me to boot, though it 
> still displays hda.  The proper sata driver is built into the kernel.  
>  From your post, it sounds like I probably have an older drive that's 
> taking precedence over the sata, which is causing this problem?
> Just for my information, boot when the disk is detected as hda rather 
> than sda isn't going to do any damage, correct?  It would just read at a 
> lower speed?

i don't think you'll have any performance issues with the pata driver.
you can use "hdparm -tT /dev/xx" to test the read-performance (bufferd + 
cached). hdparm is part of blfs.

as within then next major kernel versions the old pata drivers might get 
obsolete, all newer mainbords support sata, sata cabeling is blocking 
the air-flow inside the case much less and actually sata drives are 
already cheaper than pata i myself build the kernel without the old 
ata/atapi drivers now for quite some time.

i just disable "device drivers" / "ata/atapi/mfm/rll"  as i had the same 
strange behaviour on some mainboards when i enabled the ata/atapi to 
support an pata-cdrom. on one of the mainboards the disk changed from 
sda to hda when i changed the sata settings in the bios from legacy to 
enhanced (or something like this), on another it remained always hda as 
long as the general ide-driver was enabled in the kernel. (having sata 
in the kernel and ata/atapi as a module might solve the problem, but i 
didn't test it...)


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