Failure to boot

David Goss dagoss at
Mon Aug 11 12:36:11 PDT 2008


When booting my lfs installation, I get the following errors:

swapon: cannot stat dev/sda3: no such file or directory
fsck.ext3: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sda4

I suspect this is due to my grub configuration.  Rather than installing 
grub, I added these lines to menu.lst on my host system:

title LFS 6.3
root (hd0,3)
kernel /boot/lfskernel- root=/dev/hda4

Here is what my harddisk looks like:

sda1 = NTFS
sda2 = Ubuntu
sda3 = swap
sda4 = LFS

I will confess that understanding the bootscripts was the part where I 
had the most trouble understanding what was going on.  I will need to go 
back and reread that chapter, but in the mean time I'd obviously like to 
make this thing bootable so actually see hands on how the booting 
process works.


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