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Sat Aug 9 20:16:40 PDT 2008


I could build without so much problems LFS for 64 bits from the dev release of the book. But now I've a problem, linked to the kernel.

I've a motherboard ASRock ALiveNF6P-VSTA. Instead of its port IDE, I use a PCI controller where are connected my disks.

On the livecd, sometimes disks are named hda, hdb... sometimes hdc, hdd... Strange.

When I boot on my system, I get: "root fs not found on "hdc1"" (or hda1, according what I said in fstab and menu.lst of grub). Grub is built in static release I found on a cvs repository of clfs or lfs.

Other details:

-I tried kernel and 26.2, in both menuconfig, when I choose Bus support then PCI support, I don't have PCI access (I should have it if I follow results of my searches).

-I prefer configuring the kernel instead of modifying bios, where access is hard for physical reasons.

An idea please? I guess it's linked to kernel and hardware issues, but I'd like to determine what.

Thanks very much for your answer. I'm really lost in this situation.

Best regards, JP

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