I really need help kernel panic

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Fri Aug 8 15:22:25 PDT 2008

Spahn, Daniel schrieb:
> Correction!
> I read a little more carefully. You have not compiled the correct
> drivers for your SCSI hard drive into the kernel. You can run lspci,
> then make menuconfig (In a different terminal) and match up the SCSI
> drive characteristics with a driver, most likely in the SCSI section of
> Device Drivers.
> This line here:
> [     13.472000] 0300     4194302 hda driver : ide-cdrom

i guess it's not really scsi but sata, thus sata and the intel driver 
must be enabled in the kernel. built-in <*>, not modlue <M>

i suggest to use the "intel pata" for your cd/dvd, not the old ata
thus you'll get no more /dev/hdX but you'll find your cd/dvd as /dev/sr0 
with a link on /dev/cdrom, and your disk on /dev/sda

with kernel (the one i have access right now):

device drivers
     SCSI device support
	<*> SCSI Disk
	[ ] SCSI low-level drivers
< > ata/atapi/mfm/rll
<*> serial ata (proc) and parallel ata
	[*] ata acpi support
	[*] ata sff support
		<*> intel esb, ich, piix3...
		<*> intel pata mpiix

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