Fwd: Recompiling LFS in between chap. 5 and 6

armencho at gmail.com armencho at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 07:05:05 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I have followed thru with LFS 6.3 thru chapter 5 and now at chapter 6.
I boot from LFS Live CD, and have downloaded all package tarballs t
to the $LFS/sources directory.

What the book apparently doesnt specify at all, is whether one has to
re-unpack the tarballs (read: re-create sources) when done with
chapter 5 compilations before startin compiling packages from chapter

It is important because the packages in chapter 5 that are recompiled
in chapter 6 (Glibc, GCC, etc) get patches appplied, not to mention
that their make scripts make later recompilation not really recompile
them at all.

For instance at least one package told me "None of the targets needs
recompiling" or something along the lines of, because all the files
from chapter 5 phase build are still there, which make finds already.

I dont know if i am making much sense here, its late and i am tired :)

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