LFS based distro and quasi-cross compiling.

Colin Dean cdean at cs.westminster.edu
Thu Sep 20 22:53:17 PDT 2007

Joshua Shriver wrote:
> Good Morning,
>        I'm in the process of designing a small livecd based linux
> distro for file recovery, and some other tools I haven't found in
> other such distro's.  I'm using LFS as learning tool and a basis for
> my project.
>      My main questions is, how do you go about compiling for a general
> CPU so it can be portable? My desktop machine is a P4 and since I dont
> want the binaries to be P4 specific, figured I'd have to do something
> like -arch=386 etc. What do other distributions use so they work on
> the average x86 based machine while not being too out of date. Figured
> 386 mode would be to out of date, given 90+% of all x86 machines will
> be at least P2, P3 or better.  Perhaps -arch=686?
>    Once the type is found out how do you apply this toward all
> compilations? export CC=-arch=686?
> Thanks!
> -Josh

Have a look at the project I did in the spring:


It might give you some ideas even though it was a router appliance distro.

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