LFS based distro and quasi-cross compiling.

Joshua Shriver jshriver at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 06:49:08 PDT 2007

Good Morning,

       I'm in the process of designing a small livecd based linux
distro for file recovery, and some other tools I haven't found in
other such distro's.  I'm using LFS as learning tool and a basis for
my project.

     My main questions is, how do you go about compiling for a general
CPU so it can be portable? My desktop machine is a P4 and since I dont
want the binaries to be P4 specific, figured I'd have to do something
like -arch=386 etc. What do other distributions use so they work on
the average x86 based machine while not being too out of date. Figured
386 mode would be to out of date, given 90+% of all x86 machines will
be at least P2, P3 or better.  Perhaps -arch=686?

   Once the type is found out how do you apply this toward all
compilations? export CC=-arch=686?


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