Remotely building LFS

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Sun Sep 16 18:54:30 PDT 2007

Le Samedi, 15 Septembre 2007 13:53:03 -0700 (PDT),
Richard Caldwell <rcaldwellie at> a écrit :


> Hi Al, I am using wifi on the laptop and I can ping the LiveCD box. 
> I haven't tried using ssh yet. Can you elaborate on the wifi setup?
> If I can ping, surely I have comms and can run ssh?

  Surely you can.  If you can ping the LiveCD box then that's OK.  Be
sure you have the ssh deamon running on that box.  It is called sshd
and must be launched as root.  Since I haven't used the LiveCD for a
long time, I can't tell if it's there, but if not, it's easy to compile
right on the spot.  

  So, launch sshd on the LiveCD box and from the laptop use one of the
ssh commands as per the previous post.

  Once you get this working don't forget that if you need to copy files
to the LiveCD box you can use the scp command, as in, for the fstab

scp fstab root at

  Or if you want to get files from the LiveCD box to the current
directory on your laptop, for instance the inputrc file:

scp user at .

Have fun,

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