Remotely building LFS

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> I think ssh is on my CD. I'll be able to use that. 
> Just have to figure out how to use it!

My two very basic cents: boot the machine from the CD.  Enable
networking. From the laptop, use ssh like this (substitute user name
and IP):

ssh user at

It could be that you have to login as root.  If you have a problem with
password, just go on the box and set the password.  That's a long time
I haven't used the live CD.

Once you get the ssh shell you should be able to pilot the installation
from the laptop using the box that booted the live CD.  

Network enabling could require a bit more thought if you use wifi.  For
instance, if I had to do that I'd install ndiswrapper, the linksys
driver, and wpa-supplicant, then configure wifi AP password, etc... I
could copy these to a USB key and read it from the box.  Or I could
take the time to learn how to remaster the live CD and include these
for good.

If you ever want (like later when you have isntalled KDE or Gnome ;-) to
use X applications remotely just add the -X switch to ssh:

ssh -X user at


Hi Al, I am using wifi on the laptop and I can ping the LiveCD box. 
I haven't tried using ssh yet. Can you elaborate on the wifi setup?
If I can ping, surely I have comms and can run ssh?

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