Compilation of ncurses (chapter 5) with gpm

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> Nicolas, 
> I'm not having a problem w builing ncurses in ch 5 or 6; from the subject of 
> your post, it seems as though this is occurring the first time you build it, 
> right? 
> The output logs from the last build I did show: 
> checking if you want to link with the GPM mouse library... maybe
> checking for gpm.h... no 
> for both builds. It looks to me like you might have a larger problem; my 
> guess is that you're still using your build host's header files and 
> libraries @ that point.  See "5.7. Adjusting the Toolchain"; by the time you 
> reach first ncurses build (5.13) you should be using only the libraries etc. 
> that you've built up to that point (from 5.7: "From this point onwards, 
> everything will link only against the libraries in /tools/lib."). 

You are guessing correctly : I missed something in the building of
chapter 5, and got an error compiling ncurses, even with --without-gpm.

I restarted the whole thing, and now everything is OK.

Sorry for the noise, and thanks for the help.



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