Compilation of ncurses (chapter 5) with gpm

Randy McMurchy lfs-user at
Sun Sep 9 18:27:17 PDT 2007

Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote these words on 09/09/07 18:54 CST:

> It seems that ncurses (5.6) looks for gpm while configuring. So if the
> host system has it installed, the configure script fails.
> The solution is simple : pass "--without-gpm" to configure. Is it worth
> mentioning in the book (6.3) ?

What do you mean, "the configure script fails"?.

Here's what I get:

checking if you want to link with the GPM mouse library... maybe
checking for gpm.h... yes
checking for Gpm_Open in -lgpm... yes
checking if you want to load GPM dynamically... yes
checking for dlsym... no
checking for dlsym in -ldl... yes
checking whether able to link to dl*() functions... ok
checking for soname of gpm library...
checking for Gpm_Wgetch in -lgpm... yes
configure: WARNING: GPM library is already linked with curses - read the FAQ

** Configuration summary for NCURSES 5.6 20061217:

     extended funcs: yes
     xterm terminfo: xterm-new

      bin directory: /usr/bin
      lib directory: /usr/lib
  include directory: /usr/include
      man directory: /usr/man
 terminfo directory: /usr/share/terminfo

Then 'make' runs properly. What exactly is it that is failing on you?


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