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Fri Sep 7 09:06:56 PDT 2007

>$ apt-get -y install whatever 
>and it downloads the thing but then abends before it installs it?

Ah, a "blast from the past"!  Haven't heard that word in a couple decades.

But back on topic, one thing seems clear: LFS needs some sort of PM.  We all add something to it.  Yet there are few things as idiosyncratic as how individual sysadmins run their systems.  Still one wonders if there mightn't be a way to do PM in [,B]LFS that would be in keeping with the clean, KISS, if not minialist, approach of LFS.  To do what's needful, unobtrusive, unrestrictive, and adaptable, but not be a Procrustean Bed for sysadmins with their own particular requirements.  I think the reason many of us avoid RPM, apt, yum, et al., is they try to take too much control.

What would be the characteristics of a PM that was in the LFS mold of doing things?

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