Verifying output of experimental PM

Walter Barnes walter_barnes05 at
Thu Sep 6 18:39:36 PDT 2007

From: Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at>

>To answer the "can it build itself" question, I used to use "farce"
> (I no longer
>recommend it, there are now several extra "this *sometimes* differs"
>files for which I don't have a plausible explanation, but I don't
>think any of them are from binutils - consult my postings to lfs-dev
>on 6.3-rc for details).  It might help you in identifying what sort
>of differences you are seeing (so, for example, strip out all debug
>information, and ignore timestamps in gzipped files).  Remember that
>md5sum only tells you if two files have the same md5 (and can
>therefore be assumed to match - useful for downloads of tarballs, but
>not especially helpful when files do indeed differ).
>If there really are differences, you can variously use cmp, diff,
>ar, or objdump to try to work out what is different.  You may also find
>farce's regexps (convert known variable formats, mostly or all for
>date/time/kernel_version, into tokens) helpful.  Some of these
>shouldn't apply to you (you have the same host kernel for both
>builds), but anything hard-coding the date and time it was compiled
>(e.g. in manual pages) will be relevant.  Don't forget to work on
>*copies* of the files when you manipulate them to see if they are

Thanks Ken for all the great info. I'm a newbie so I'll try farce first then
apply the tools you mention to the file differences farce can't explain.


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