startup problem: system boots, /etc/rc.d/init.d/sysklogd "hangs": is there a good way to debug this?

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Wed Sep 5 20:05:08 PDT 2007

Thanks, Dan - 

> Before adding debugging to the functions, try booting to single user
> mode (level 1). Just add 1 to the kernel command line in grub. This
> should (hopefully) get you to a shell.

That was pretty much all I needed right there - basically, someone to remind 
me to slow the heck down and look at the simplest solution, first... 

I had made one typo in fstab (s/defaults/default/), the result of which was 
that the partition with /var on it was staying mounted read-only.  After I 
booted up like you suggested (that works exactly as stated, BTW) it didn't 
take too long to figure that one out.  Then: 

mount -n -o remount,rw /dev/xxxx /var 

and about 10 seconds w vi put the problem to bed for good.  Everything seems 
to work and it's fast as all get-out; not too shabby... 

I used rc2 of the 6.3 version of the book; looks like a number of things 
changed between then and "release level"...  For one, I noticed that 
ifconfig was on the live CD (rc2 is still using "ip" to do everything).  
While I don't mind "ip", I'm tempted to use ifconfig from the standpoint of 

While this isn't my first system build, it certainly was the least painful, 
thanks largely to the book.  Initially, I was planning on using the book to 
supplement my notes and nothing more; having used it, and having been 
extremely impressed by it, I'm leaning very strongly now towards using it as 
a "design document".  Next up is X and I can only hope that goes a fraction 
as well. 

Oh yeah - this machine is running kernel 2.6.23, rc4, with the -mm1 
patchset.  The speed I've seen from the 2.6.23 kernels is like nothing else 
I can remember... 

Thanks again, 


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