Verifying output of experimental PM

Walter Barnes walter_barnes05 at
Wed Sep 5 02:19:48 PDT 2007

From: Walter Barnes <walter_barnes05 at>

>My question is, how can I verify the output of my PM?
>I've created binutils in $LFS/tools using my PM then tar'ed it and cleaned tools before building binutils by
>hand using the instructions in the book. I've tried a somewhat ham-fisted (and possibly niave) comparison
>by simply checking md5 sums. None of the binaries matched.

I went back and did a diff of the log files generated by configure and make and found a few wrinkles. Besides the obvious differences due to different build directories, the PATH used by the package manager did not include /usr/local/bin so configure was not finding bison; also the trailing / was missing from CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/". I'm a newbie but these seem like trivial differences.

After fixing up the build script for the package and fixing the PM's environment I rebuilt the package and this time the only differences were due to the different build directories. In particular, there was no difference in the output of configure. However, the md5 sums still do not match.

Even though the checksums failed, is it safe to assume that the package manager executed the scripts correctly if the log files generated by the PM match log files generated by manually going through the instructions in the book? And if not, is there some other variable I'm overlooking?

Thanks in advance,

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