6.28. Bash-3.2 and exec /bin/bash --login +h

paul.rogers at juno.com paul.rogers at juno.com
Mon Sep 3 09:19:14 PDT 2007

>> 2. is a little more sensible to me, but only because I know
>> of a very simple way to create the markers.
>I like that; a lot more flexible than my initial idea of copying the 
>running script, doing a sed, and then running the new script.

May I offer another idea.  AIUI, you've already got one complete build script?  If'n it were me, the simplest thing would be to cut it into two right at the point where you want to change environments.  The first half script builds under the old environment.  The second half script picks it up there and continues in the new environment.  No markers, no skipping around.  KISS.  I suppose if I just HAD to have one script I could wrap them in a script that setup the first environment, called the first half, on return changed the environment and called the second.

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