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Sat Sep 1 13:41:10 PDT 2007

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paul.rogers at juno.com wrote:
>>> Dell inspiron 3000, a pentium-mmx @266 MHz (i586-linux-gnu)
>>> ram 128 MB ( system reports 144 MB from onboard cache ram for bios 
> ...8<...
>> This old pentium one gives me an SBU of 38 minutes and 44 seconds.
> I thought Intel's MMX-266 was just a mobile CPU.  My 64MB MMX-233 has an SBU about 25min.  I have my share of hours-long compiles!  Xorg-6.8.2 is around 6hrs, Firefox 6.5hrs, kdelibs 8hrs, kdebase 9.5hrs.  I just start them before I go to bed, and let it work while I sleep.
Nope, MMX was the first pentiums to break 100 MHz.

and right now, make bootstrap of gcc4.1.2 pass1 of chapter 5 is at 35
hours and 17 minutes.
I may have to restart the build, with a larger swap partition to try to
get this time down. just about to burn the lfslivecd-6.3 r2052. I'll
have to reset the environment when I boot the new livecd, so starting
fresh is an easy option.

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