regcomp.o error while compiling tcl 8.4.13

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Wed Nov 21 09:55:44 PST 2007

Rob Burris wrote these words on 11/21/07 11:34 CST:

[cc'd to BLFS-Support]

> I made it through LFS 6.2 and I'm now working on BLFS. Trying to compile 
> TCL 8.4.13 and I get the following error message.
> gcc -c -O2 -DTCL_DBGX= -fPIC -I/tcl8.4.13/unix/../generic 
> ...
> from /tcl8.4.13/unix/../generic/tcl.h:159,
> ...
> /usr/include/sys/types.h:67: error: two or more data types in 
> declaration specifiers
> ...
> /tcl8.4.13/unix/../generic/regcomp.c: In function ‘dovec’:
> /tcl8.4.13/unix/../generic/regcomp.c:1589: warning: passing argument 1 
> of ‘free’ from incompatible pointer type
> make: *** [regcomp.o] Error 1

I don't think an "improperly compiled GCC" is the issue. To me, it
simply looks more like incompatible headers with the kernel version.
Though if you used what is outlined in LFS-6.2 without modifications,
then the Tcl-8.4.13 version should compile.

I am just speculating though, and have no research or data available
to confirm anything. I just see complications with Tcl headers and
the /usr/include/sys/types.h header. You may try to use the most
current version of Tcl (8.4.16) and see what happens.

Also, are you unpacking the tarballs into the root of your filesystem?
Seeing how it is looking for /tcl8.4.13/... it appears so. To me, this
is odd as it would require root privileges to just unpack the tarball.
I would *never* do that. Again, just guessing.

You should provide follow-up comments to the BLFS-Support group as
this issue is not an LFS issue.


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