Section 6.12 Problems (Snakes and ladders)

Trent Shea tjshea at
Mon Nov 19 08:22:12 PST 2007

On Monday 19 November 2007 07:26, John Whitmore wrote:
> Problem is that
> when I remade these they didn't seem to do too much, I assume that's
> because make looks at things and says that it's all up to date.
Typically we delete all source directories after installation, so make 
should be nearly identical, nearly, because you've installed a few 
packages and re-adjusted the tool chain by the point you went back to 
re-make the headers.

> Is the answer to my problem to remove all the directories created in
> Section 6 in the chroot environment and restart the whole section?
If you really want to go back and start chapter six again make sure to 
revisit the Re-adjusting the tool chain section and revert everything 
to the starting state.

> Another question is that when I get to the gcc section again I've
> already tampered with it. Actually I've already tampered via sed with
> the Linux directory so should I untar these directories or where
> these directories made via Section 5?
It is stated early in the book that all source directories are to be 
deleted unless explicitly stated otherwise [I actually don't recall any 
current LFS packages saying to keep their source directories], so for 
the most part you should have no trouble untarring and following the 
instructions again.

> I know the actual first version of gcc
> and all the rest where created in section 5 but did it make changes
> to the source directories which mean that you can't simply re-untar
> the source directories and execute the Section 6 instructions?
Just to reiterate: the source directories should have been deleted, and 
just so we are clear: none of the LFS instructions affect the tar 


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